Support for Troops

The Price of Freedom

POW Prayer

Please hear me ,Lord ..
It’s the dead of night ..

It is dark and cold,
the night surrounds me Like a blanket of hope.
As long as it is night, they will stay in their corner.
I lie here wondering ~
how long is it again?
I cling to the dream of my family ~
I see them in my mind.
It is another Independence Day at home.
When will my independence come?
I will NOT believe that they have forgotten me!!
I look in the hole I have dug here,
for the things that I hide from them.
A little smile across my lips~
in all this time they have never found my little stash!

I pull out a little scrap of shredded red and white.
For me, it waves in the breeze of hope!
A small fashioned cross, oh Lord you are my salvation ~
Tell me there is hope, when will they come.
There is a tiny piece of cloth,
a remnant of the uniform worn with the pride
only a soldier knows.
Ah, here is that little corner of the photo I once had!
They think they destroyed it ~
It is my private joke on them.
For I can still see the face of my little boy. But ~~~
he must be almost a man by now…
I have a thousand pictures of him in my mind~
They can never touch.
I am not sure?

How long has it been again?
They could not have forgotten me,
as they go from one day to the next without me.
I will not believe that!
If they have, I shall surely be swallowed
up in the mists of this hell!

How long has it been again?
No ~
they have not forgotten ~
how could they have?
Have they ?
My God?
Have they?
You oh Lord will never leave me nor forsake me.

By Joanna Mckenzie Henshaw


Until they all come home
We watch and wait
Young and old, black and white
So far away, they’re sent to fight

Until they all come home
We wear our ribbons to show our pride
And let them know we are on their side

Until they all come home
We pray for peace
Throughout the land
Protect them all, on sea and sand
Until they all come home

Please don’t let anybody forget the solders that fight for our country and fight for our freedoms……………….that die for our country and die for our freedoms.