Field Firing Solutions Version 4.0 Delta III

Leave it to Lex Talus Corporation to out do them selfs again.
Soon version 4.0 will be available to download with all the best from version 3.3 and some nice new features to make things faster and easer for a shooting solution. One of the new features is a Rifle profile. This Rifle profile allows you to put your bullet profile and your turret profile under your “Rifle” profile and make it personalized. Now you can load your Rifle profile and get your firing solution the moment you turn on your PDA. Another new feature is the wind now automatically readjusts its self when you select a target from your target list. Assuming that the wind is at the same speed and the same direction, you can pick a new target from your target list and the wind will now automatically adjust for the new target to save you a step. Another nice new feature is the Offsets Profiler. The offset profile is linked to a particular rifle (which is itself linked to a particular bullet) and provides a method to compensate for a shift in bullet point of impact due to 1) a change of ammunition; 2) a change of shooting position; or, 3) a change of shooter. Any of the aforementioned can cause a change in the impact point of the bullet on the target. But with the Offset Profiler you can fix this to move the point of impact to the point of aim. One thing that I notice right away, is the info under the PS button. Not only does it tell you the info on what your current setting is, but it also tells you lots of very useful information. It gives you Ranging Formulas, Range Conversion Factors, Wind Estimation Details and Lead Formulas. Main PageThere is a slightly new layout on the main page but with less clutter. I find the new layout to be more appealing to the eye and seems to be easer to find your way around for someone that is just getting started. Long story short, I think this is great software and I think that we will see a lot more fantastic products in the future from Lex Talus Corporation and I think that they will be what other ballistic softwares are held up to.