After much pain, agony and patience I have finally finished everything on my rifle. The upgrades were a new stock, new scope, base, trigger work and a bit of work done to the action. Although I thought that it would never get done, the work was well needed and finally complete. I now have a Bell & Carlson Tactical stock, a 6x25x56mm Millett LRS1 scope that has over 140 MOA of elevation adjustment. Combine that with a 20 MOA bases, I now have well over a 160 MOA of adjustment for shooting beyond 1,500 yards. So maybe I might finally get some new video up soon as my brother informed me that the video I have is getting old, I have to agree with him. I have not had near as much time to shoot this year as I have hoped, but God willing maybe I will make up for it with some long range game kills this hunting season. I also wanted to let everybody know that I have not forgotten about the long range how to video. I am currently working out the details with Mike so that we can start making the video this winter. I have someone that will work up some sound tracks and someone that is going to do the editing on the video. Now we just need to get started on the How-to video series…….hehehehe


  • http://http:// Lucas Beitner

    My buddy has that stock and likes it very well. I believe he’ll be selling to start a new build. Having full adjustability is great. Only down side is weight (wich is an advantage in other ways including recoil.


    How much “up” adjustment do you have after zeroing?

  • Sean

    I have 130 min. after zero. The total in the scope is 140 plus I have a 20 MOA base.