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Ballistic Software for Long Range Shooting

If long range shooting is something that you would like to do, then here is the first step. Here is some ballistic software that you will need to complete the shots you will be trying to make. This software is incredible and is provided by the Lex Talus Corporation. You will find a link to their website located on the right. This software is free for 30 days and comes in two versions. The desktop version is called the Precision Shooters Workbench and the PDA version is called Delta III. To download this software Click Here


  • Gil King

    hi i am bilding a 270 win with 30 “custum brl
    your thats?
    thanks gil

  • http://longrangeshooter.com Sean

    Should be good gun, are you planing to hunt with this rifle or straight target shooting and what direction are you looking for?

  • dewayne bryant

    thinking about getting a 338 ultra mag to make a long range hunting gun.What would be the best lenghth barrel to use for this gun? Would it be best to use 180 grain or 200 grain bullet? The 180 grain has a velocity of 3544 and the 200 grain has a velocity of 3200. thanks Dewayne

  • http://longrangeshooter.com Sean

    What I would do is get a 300 ultra mag and neck it up to a 338. The 300 ultra mag brass holds more powder and you can get better performance by necking up to the 338 more commonly know as the 338 Edge. As far as barrel length it depends on how much weight you want. The longer the barrel the more you can get from your rifle but the weight might not be worth the gain. To get a complete powder burn from a big magnum like this it would take over a 40 inch barrel but that is not practical. I would go with a 28 or 30 inch shooting the heaviest bullet that I could keep the MV around 2,900 fps. With the 338 Edge you should be able to get about that muzzle velocity with a 300gr SMK.

  • Todd

    Wanting to get into long range shooting can you tell me where i could get a good gun built and where to start

  • http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://shoot-farther.com Lucas

    It may be best to start out with a rifle you already have. You don’t need a custom built rifle and extreme accuracy when starting out. If you have a decent bolt action rifle in a modern cartridge (even some not so modern cartridges work well) you can get started. Get a good scope with repeatable adjustable turrets. Develop a good accurate load with respectable ballistics. Print a drop chart from an online ballistic calculator, and go out and get all your confirmed drops at various ranges (whatever’s available to you). Once you have a good feel for what it’s all about, make your decisions about wheather to upgrade your current rifle with a custom barrel in a new cartridge or get another rifle built that will fit your needs. There are custom rifle builders all over the country that can help you… what area do you live in?

  • Willard

    I’m out of Dover to the north of you and looking at maximizing my 300 Weatherby magnum. any info you might give would be much appreciated.
    The rifles a Vanguard with the black sythetic stock. bushnell Banner scope in 6.5-18X50

  • http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://http://shoot-farther.com Lucas

    I’m not familiar with Dover… The 300 weatherby mag is a cartridge with serious long range potential. The Vanguard is good solid action. I’d recommend working on some hand loads and you may need a new scope (buddy of mine had that same scope fail on his 308win). For detailed info I’d recommend joining the forum and getting specific questions answered. Take care.

  • http://longrangeshooter.com Sean P.

    Hello Willard nice to have someone near me lol. I would agree with Lucas reloading is probably your next step. Once I get setup again will have to go shooting.

  • Joe

    i have a 30.06 bolt with a panther
    2.5x10x44 what is your opionion or
    should i start with something different thanks

  • http://longrangeshooter.com Sean

    Well that depends on what you what to do with your rifle. Is this strait target shooting or do you plan to hunt with this rifle?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Steinhoff/1010521501 Chris Steinhoff

    I have a new weatherby 338 win. mag. I want to get into long range shooting(1000yards or better). From what I have read the 300gr.SMK is the way to go. Is this true? Or should I go with 250’s?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Steinhoff/1010521501 Chris Steinhoff

    Used for both hunting and target shooting.

  • http://longrangeshooter.com Sean

    You will hear from both sides that one may be better then the other. I asked this exact question to Glen Roberts (He trains Snipers in Australia) and a friend of his they both said 300gr hands down but they suggested the 300gr Lapua Scenar over the SMK. I should mention that this question was based on the 338 Edge as the shooting platform and not the 338 win. mag. The MV for the Edge with a 300gr bullet would be around 2,800fps and I am sure that the win. mag would be less. So I would probably say that the 250s would work better in the 338. mag vs the 300s. I think the 300s would be a bit to heavy of a bullet.

  • http://http://http:// Chris S

    Thanks for the info Sean. I appreciate it.

  • Chris S

    Should I still go with the SMK? Or a different manufacturer? What is your opinion?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Pomerinke/1584012465 Sean Pomerinke

    The Lapua Scenar 250gr has a G1 BC of .675 and the 250gr SMK has a G1 BC of .587. Or there is the Lapua Lock Base Bullets with a G1 BC of .662.
    The Scenar run about 75$ Per 100
    The SMK run about 30$ Per 50
    The Lock Base run about 70$ Per 100

    Based on BC any one of the two Lapua rounds sounds like a good choice although I don’t know much about the Lock Base bullets.
    Hopes this helps

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Steinhoff/1010521501 Chris Steinhoff

    So I can shoot the Lapua rounds out of my 338 mag then? Just want to make sure!b

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Pomerinke/1584012465 Sean Pomerinke

    Yes you could with out any trouble.

  • Ben

    I have a Springfield Armory M1A Loaded, it shoots 7.62×51 or .308. I have hit a 12″x12″ steel plate at 200 yards with all 20 rnds using an Osprey International scope. My question is, can a semi-auto rifle shoot accuratly past 900yrds? What all have you heard about Osprey Int.? and, should i invest in an LRS-1 for that kind of shooting? Ive read alot about Carlos Hatcock and his use of an M14 and have read about his shot made from a moving vessel that killed an enemy sniper 900 yards away in a tree top.
    Thanks for your input,

  • http://www.jdsguitars.com Jerry

    I have just got into long range shooting in my hunts. My longest deer kill this year was 401 yards. I love your site.

  • Jim Brown

    I built a .338 Lapua Magnum and I am working on reloading my own ammo to save some money on the cost of ammo and hopefully develop some accuracy and consistency in my loads. I’ve purchased some .338 LM rounds online, quite expensive. I’ve been looking to find the difference in the various .338 rounds. I see .338 Ultra Mag, Lapua Mag, Win Mag, etc. What is the difference in these. I do not want to purchase or load the incorrect the wrong round in my rifle and have a disaster. Thanks in advance for the information.

  • http://longrangeshooter.com/2008/12/ballistic-software-for-long-range-shooting/ Rick

    The ballistic software link is broke on this site. When you click on it you get an error 404

  • http://longrangeshooter.com caleb

    sorry rick, the site has not been updated in years, but i am talking to a guy about building it back up and getting things going again with improvements

  • Bill

    Just wanted to put my two cents in if you don’t mind. I switched over to the 338 Lapua Mag and never looked back. I shoot out to 1.000 years with stunning results. Use Lapua Brass and Sierra 250 Gr. Match over 82gr. VihtaVuori powder , Schmidt and Bender scope. Low interest
    mortgage money is available! LOL

  • rowenanakamura25

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