Question and Answers

Cold Bore shooting

Sam Says:

Hey Sean, Been off work this week for Deer season and been thinking about Cold Bore and Warm Bore shooting. Is it better or more accuracy when the barrel is Cold or Warm?

Sean Says:

Well Sam, there is a difference but it depends a lot on the powder and the guns itself, some are worse than others. But many people have a different opinion on what a cold bore shot is. Some say it is the first shot through a clean barrel. Some say it is the first shot before the barrel starts to warm up. The truth is that a cold bore shot is the first shot before the barrel gets fowled. Once the barrel is fowled, the next couple of shots will have a different point of impact giving you somewhat of an inaccurate result for your group. For the best accuracy, I always fire 3 fowling rounds before I plan to go hunting. But it is a good idea to shoot targets at a distance with a clean barrel and make a history of how your cold bore and warming shots are different. It is my strong opinion that if you can’t hit the target on your first shot, then you can’t shoot that range, period. In most situations, you will only get one shot and one chance. So you better know where it is going to go.