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How to drop your game in one shot

One thing about long range shooting as it relates to hunting, is when you shoot the animal that you are after you want it to go down, like “DRT”, Dead Right There. If you place your shot behind the shoulder you will kill the animal, but it will probably not go down right away. Now, if you become proficient enough and shoot a Deer at 1,000 yards you don’t want to go over there and have to search the county to find it. So here is my tip. The place you want to shoot the animal if you want it to go down is high in the shoulder when possible. When you do that, the animal doesn’t have the ability to stand on its front legs and it will fall right on its face. Keep in mind, that when the animal is quartering away that you shoot for the opposite shoulder. Even when you aim for that shoulder, you still hit the vitals and the animal is usually dead by the time you get there.


  • Justin

    That’s a great tip that I didn’t know. Even as a standard range hunter I HATE looking for game or trying to find/follow a blood trail. This is something many experienced hunters do not know.

    The site looks great and is easy to navigate – great job.

  • matt

    aaaahhhh…..the debate for the maximum effective range. the range at which you can consistanly deliver a leathal blow. that range is different for everyone and i have a few stories that sean asked me to tell to talk about this.

    a little back ground on my self. 31yrs old male been hunting since i was 2 and kill anything that moves and you can tag and eat. for me its a food sport(motto-“we killem and grillem). cant even say how many ducks/geese or deer i have killed.

    i got fed up with the crowds and the hours of hiking miles in jist to get passed by some guy on a 4-wheeler. getting up and parking on the ridge i was going to hunt 3 hrs early just to find a guy that slept in his truck all night so he could hunt there. i thought there has to be a better way.

    so i turned to bow hunting!!! not that any of the above is any different it ads the challenge of getting close. not 100 yrd or 50 yrd but measurements that are often counted in feet.

    i have killed deer elk bears ducks birds squarls what ever.. with my bow and the max effective range for me is at about 90 yrds.

    that beeing said i have 2 different things that happened to me when hunting deer with a rifle, both under 30 yrds…lol.

    i was in high school and i was out deer hunting the 2nd to last day and had not seen much when i ran up on a whole tribe of white tails….like 5 or 6 and 1 was a lil basket head buck. so i droped the crosshairs onto his face jist above his eys. at about 25 yrds he was directly facing me, i thought a slam dunk. i cant miss at 25 yrds. bammm
    down he goes. so at 25 yrds it dont take long to get to your kill, so i walked up to him as he was doing the hot lead boogie and leaned my 30-06 up aginst a tree and started cutting. as i started to remove the first part of the guts i got kicked? doing a lil dance? maybe…. i better pin that leg under my knee, kicked by deer that hurt! bam kicked agine; now he is trying to stand up! wait i thought he was dead. i instantly grabbed him in a choke as he tried to get up andtried to choke him out…no good…i could choke my brother in jist a few seconds but this deer was wairing me out. as my grip loosened he turned his head backwards looking at me and started bleating franticly while trying to bite me. so out of reaction i cold coked him between the eyes (where as he was looking at me it became clear that my bullet deflected off his scull rather than evaporate his gray matter) but im gonna knock this guy out with a right hook!! haa haa thats funny, not only did that brain bone deflect my bullet but they knock heads in fights………non of this occured to me in the moment.

    back to choking the punching was getting him mad and so i pinned his head next to mine and tried to cut his throat with my knife. no good the hair was jist rolling back and forth and i was close to stabbing my self in the heart………..its not like they stay still while you do all this!

    finnaly it dawned that i needed to stab in the neck and rip out. then a short struggle and his last breath….

    i dropped him as soon as he did and rolled over on the ground exausted and shocked.

    i felt bad that all that the poor lil thing went thru; and i realized the struggle between life and death as i heard and felt him breath his last. and also that when he woke up that morning that it would be his last.

    i was also relieved that i was able to keep him and i can tell ya that the wives tale about them running gets the adrenalin pumping and ruins the meat………its a bunch of hoowee. i cant imagin that a lil jog would be worse and i have dropped them at a flat out run and they all tast fine!!! love the meat.

    kids are awake ill tell you guys about deer sleding later,,,,,,,,,, as my wife says “its always an adventure”

  • Mike

    Only You MATT…only you man! My Buddy, I have got to go hunting with you this year! :{)