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Huskemaw Scope

wildcatgirl Says:

Hope you can help me!
My husband seen a program about something called HUSKAMAW scope..i have searched the web everywhere..can you give me a site to look at it..or at least explain what i am looking for Christmas shopping .ty

Sean Says:

Absolutely, Huskamaw is a scope that most people think that John Burns uses to shoot long range, but it’s not. Here is a link that explains what it is you are looking at. And here is a link that has the Huskamaw scope for sale that you might want to buy for your husband. Hope this helps, if you need more info let me know.

wildcatgirl Says:

Thank you so much!
I am pleasently surprised at how reasonably priced the Huskamaw scope is thinking i will have a happy fella at Christmas.:smile:
I am sure i would have never found it is not for your help!!

Sean Says:

You are very welcome. If you or your husband have any questions in the future, feel free to ask.


  • Larry Ohlendorf

    I’m interested in your scopes

  • Sean

    In the Huskemaw scope or the Millett LRS-1?

  • Wilburn Rutledge

    I want to know if I have to specify the gun and bulett that I am using when I purchase the Huskemaw scope?
    I have a Browning 270wsm and want to shoot up to 5 0 6 hundred yards accurately.
    What do you recommend?



  • Sean

    You can buy a Huskemaw scope with out sending in any data BUT it will be just a plane jane scope. In order to get the most from the scope you need to send in your bullet specs, muzzle velocity, and I believe you also need accurate drop data. The problem is you are stuck with that load for the rest of the life of the scope unless you want to pay another 500 dollars to re-calibrate your scope. Don’t quote me on this but I think the scope is about 500 dollars and its in additional 500 to set it up. That is why I like just using MOA in my scope so I can change my load if I feel it is necessary but that is just my opinion. Hope this helps if you have any other questions please let me know.

  • Sean

    I have to withdraw my last statement as I just took a look at there site and I guess the are incorporating the whole cost into the scope now. Sorry about that

  • rick rose
  • Randy

    Guy’s I hunt In Tenn. but love to shoot precisely at 400plus yards.Is this Rem.270bdl what i need to do more??And why is it now a good long range gun???