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Mil-Dots for a quicker shot

If you are a long range hunter, you know that you don’t always have time to dial your scope for the shot. So here is a trick that can help as a quick reverence in using mil-dot hold over.

One mil-dot equals 3.6 MOA, so it is really easy to figure out your drop and put it inside your lens cover. You can also, if you wish, put in your wind drift as well.


  • Mike

    How exactly would you find out those distances?
    Some kind of software?

    Im shooting a .308 180gr. bullet

  • Sean

    I use Delta 4 ballistic software for my shooting. Here is a link to download a 30 day free trail. If you let me know what your muzzle velocity is and your altitude, I can get you in the ballpark.

  • Mike

    The weapon of choice: DSArms SA58 .308.
    The scope is a Springfield Armory 6-20x56mm Government Model.
    The ammo is the Winchester 180Gr. Power-Point. According to Winchester’s ammo data on their website, .308 win 180gr Super-X Power Point has a MV of 2620 and a BC of .248.
    Altitude is around 90 ft. above sea level.
    Temperature is about 30F now.
    Pressure is 30.08 outside now.
    Humidity is 48%.

    Thank you sir,


  • Sean

    This is not exact but it should be pretty close for the information you gave me.
    Mike ballistic chart

  • Mike

    Crap. I should have told you that its a 200 yard zero. Any other info you might need?

  • Sean

    No problem here you go.
    Mike ballistic table

  • mike

    Thank you sir. Will let you know how that works after I spend a few rounds.

  • Steve Hugel

    Sean, i also use my Butler creek scope cap covers to store reticle/turret zeros. Here is a hypothetical entry in my range sticker–


    …obviously range, elevation and windage reference–no headers needed.

    I also use the objective Butler Creek Blizzard scope cap cover to store rangefinding that i’ve calcd. for whatever reticle/tgt. size. The Blizzard style BC cover has a clear piece of plastic that’s held in with a spring clip that can easily be popped out. The dope goes onto a sticker that’s attached to a thin piece of cardboard cut so it fits between the retaining clip and plastic piece. This way when i pop my caps up i can see all my dope without having to get out of position.