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Should I use a .204 Ruger

Tim Says:


I’m just getting into target shooting. my current range allows me shots up to 350 yards. my question is, is the .204 ruger a viable choice for that sort of range? I’ve heard it’s a flat trajectory fast little bullet I just don’t want to buy something too ‘wimpy’. I will not be doing any hunting, this is just straight group shooting.

Sean Says:

In reference to the .204 Ruger

Well Tim, actually that is a good question. It really depends on how far you may plan to shoot in the future. Out to 350 yards you are fine, the problem is that the further the bullet goes down range it doesn’t have enough retained energy to keep it flying flat. It’s just like throwing a BB or a marble, the more weight behind it the further and flatter it will go. Another thing to consider is that a bullet that is light will be affected by wind much more than a heavier bullet. To get down to it, you will be fine with that choice. If this is something that you are very serious about doing, I would suggest that you go to a 30 cal. or a .338. When you are shooting for accuracy the BC (Ballistic Coefficeint) value on the bullet plays a big part. I hope this answered your question if not please let me know?

Tim Says:

You answered me question just fine. I don’t think I’ll be going beyond 350 yards any time soon and where i shoot is down the side of a fairly narrow river so i don’t think i should run into many issues with wind. However i still might go to something bigger just in case i ever do get out on a real open range.

thanks for the quick answer.

Tim Says:

Alright since you answered the last one so well I’ve got another for you. What kind of scope should i look for for the range i’ll be shooting in? i want to have a nice big picture of whatever target i’m shooting for so i’m currently looking at the Leupold VX-III 8.5-25×50mm Long Range Target. it’s got a high top end power and should suit me fine, I just wanna make sure I don’t miss out on something obvious.

Sean Says:

In reference to Leupold

When it comes to scopes everybody has their own opinion, but when it comes to Leupold or Night Force not many people argue. Leupold has outstanding glass and I think the VX-III will be a great choice. Even in the future, if you plan to shoot farther than 350 yards. I would buy a Leupold or Night Force myself if my budget would allow it. As a tidbit, the scope I use has been a great scope for much less. Here is a link if you want to see it. But understand, the VX-III WILL BE a great scope. TRS1