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Whether you have reloaded in the past or not or is something that you would like to do, it is important to do things as consistantly as possible. When you do things consistantly, accuracy is almost automatically the result. Now I have seen and heard of many people, that when putting in their powder, they often just use the through for measurement. Often times never measuring their powder charge more than every five rounds or so. I personally tried this, to see how accurately you can measure your powder this way. What I found is that about every six loads or so, you get a drastically different amount of powder, Ooops. Now for the average hunter this may not be a concern, but when it applies to shooting accurately and long distances, then that is simply not acceptable. The way I figure it is, there is already more than enough things that effect my bullet after it leaves the barrel and I should do my part in reducing everything that is in my ability to control. Even though it takes a bit longer, I prefer to measure and weigh every single round that I reload. Which in turn gives me the most consistency and the best accuracy for my reloads.


  • Heath C.

    Hey Sean!

    Now that I’m back I figure it’d be a good time to start building up my reloading gear. I was cruisin through the local stores here to see what they had in stock and to also get a better idea on what im lookin for. So far I have found the Dies that I need along with all the extras like shell holders, trimmers, cleaners, etc. but when I went to look for bullets I got lost.

    I notice the stores here, like Cabela’s have a section with a ton of “30 cal” bullets. I know my 300 Win Mag is in that class, but Im not sure if Im lookin for that, or if there is something else I need to look for. I was told Black Hills makes a good 190Grain Match Grade which is basically what I would like to be able to reload.

    Am I just looking for 30 Cal 190Grains or am I missing something?

    Thanks for the help! Lookin forward to shootin with you again!

  • Sean

    Well, there is just about as many bullets out there as there are stars in the sky. So first narrow it down by what it is you are really looking for. You already know that you want a 190gr, good choice by the way. Next, you need to decide if you ever want to hunt with this bullet. If you do, you have to find an accurate hunting bullet or a match grade bullet that would suffice for a hunting bullet. It is not a good idea to practice shooting long ranges with one bullet and then hunt with another, even if it is the same weight. Hunting bullets must be able to properly expand upon impact to put the animal down quiclky and not just fly right through. It is very hard to find a bullet that has the best of both worlds. So you will have to decide if you want more of a hunting bullet or more of a target bullet. I have gone back and forth between each and have ended up with a Berger 210gr VLD. If you want more of a hunting bullet a Nosler Accubond is a good choice.

  • Johnathan Burnette

    I am going to start building up my reloading stock also. I have found an fantastic web site called it has no site fees what so ever, free to sell free to buy. It’s amazing and you can find some killer deals on there. I have bought 500 rounds of brass for as little as $30.00 shipped. The site has about 4000 members right now. Its not that big but you can still find some killer deals on there.

  • Sean

    That is a great website that is now on my bookmarks LOL.