Steel I tried to shoot at 1,900 yards

This is a 36×24 inch piece of steel that I “tried” to shoot at 1,900 yards.
The conditions were good, with about a 10-12 MPH wind from my back.


  • http:// Mike

    Note-to-self…………..bring more bullets! :{)

  • sean

    next time for sure

  • Kevin

    I notice in your videos that after you take a shot there is a pause before you cycle the bolt & unload the brass. Is there any reason, or is it just because your busy looking down range at the target?

  • Sean

    Ya I am trying to catch the impact of the bullet. I also keep a log of my shots. So sometimes it takes a minute for me to write down the info for that shot and then extract my spent casing.

  • Lucas Beitner

    Very impressive, looks like another shot or two and you’d tag it. With your load are you still supersonic at that distance? I think my 7wsm would be subsonic for sure. I can get about 1700yds.

  • Sean

    I am right at the Transonic region. I know that I still have a ballistic CRACK at this range.

  • Lucas

    Talk about pushing the limits! Keep it up!

  • Dylan

    What cartridge did you use?

  • Sean

    I am using the Remington 700 .300 Ultra Mag. Its about 20% bigger than a standard Mag.