Tips and Tricks

Trigger control

If you are having a little trouble with your trigger control, I have an easy trick to help you.
First off, you need a snap cap so you don’t break your firing pin. You can use a
spent shell casing, BUT ONLY ONCE OR TWICE. I would really not recommend it, use a snap cap. Now here is the tip……balance a coin horizontally on the tip of your barrel and dry fire. If you move or shake at all, the coin will fall off. As you practice this, it won’t take long and you will have excellent trigger control. Remember you need to let the gun surprise you when it goes off as you are gently squeezing the trigger, and not know when the gun will go off. A light trigger is a must for accuracy, especially when Long Range Shooting. Visit with your local Gunsmith for a trigger weight that is appropriate to your style of shooting and or hunting. Although there are several good gunsmiths around the country, there is a gentleman that is highly recommended, very respected and well worth the postage in our area and he is Mel Doyle’s Gun Shop, in the greater metropolis of Plummer Idaho, and may I say that is “Heavy on the Mister”. Mel is our personal Gun Smith and he has set my gun up to 2.5lbs of trigger pull. I use 2.5lbs for a mixture of Long Range Shooting and field hunting, you may choose a different setting with your Gunsmith.