Everyone that has used ballistic software in the past knows the steps that need to be taken in making that first round hit.  You get your range finder out your Kestrel your PDA probably your note book so you can make that shot right the first time.  Then one day someone puts it all together and now we have the the Kestrel 4500NV and ATrag Ballistics software together in one unit.  Now with this unit your ballistic software gets your atmospheric conditions automatically with out the need to input the data manually.  Humidity, Temperature,  Station or Barometric pressure and Wind being updated in real time so that its ready before you are.  Here is the press release on the new product that you will be seeing soon……………


Horus Vision has teamed with Kestrel Weather Meters to introduce the Horus Kestrel, acompact ballistics instrument for long-range shooting.
SAN BRUNO, CA…Horus Vision, the leader of long-range shooting innovation, hasteamed up with Kestrel Weather Meters to introduce the breakthrough Horus Kestrel-the first device to incorporate weather (atmospherics) data directly into ballisticssolutions in real-time.
The relationship between Horus and Kestrel kindled as a response for the military’smission to obtain consolidated gear to minimize redundancy and bulk. All the powerof ATrag Ballistics is now integrated in the four-ounce pocket sized Kestrel WeatherTracker, eliminating the need for a separate piece of gear (which comes with a numberof accessories you would have to lug around, as well).
This integrated Kestrel 4500NV unit features five customizable targets, an extensivegun list, and Horus’ proprietary truing technology. This pairing is only offered in the4500 model as it is the only one that is capable of collecting wind direction – which iscrucial for long-range shooting. The Night Vision (NV) series is the preferred modelfor the military because of its dim red back light that does not obscure or bleach outyour natural vision in low light situations. The Horus Kestrel comes in two colors- OliveDrab and Desert Tan, and is IP67 and MIL-STD-810G Rugged. All compacted into ahand sized unit that takes two AAA batteries- no chargers, plugs, or over-sized energy sources.
Horus and Kestrel are prime candidates for this type of integration, because both arewell-known and highly respected in the military and government communities. Bothproducts have seen extensive action overseas and are relied upon in the daily lives ofthe sniper community.  The Horus Kestrel will be available early in 2011, following SHOT Show, and will be available to purchase on both Horus Vision and Kestrel websites. Preliminary suggested price is around $739, the Horus Kestrel is less than a PDA with ATrag and Kestrel Combo.

About Horus Vision

Horus Vision provides cutting-edge technology to improve rifle accuracy at extended ranges, increasing the likelihood of a first-round hit. Horus products reduce the need for manual scope manipulation and mental calculation and incorporate sophisticated ballistics calculations. Our patented reticle replaces traditional mil-dot reticles. Horus technology and designs deliver simplified, systemized shooting that make expert skill possible and improve accuracy at any distance. Our hardware is combat-proven, meets military standards and can withstand the most rugged conditions. Horus Vision’s ballistics calculations were developed and refined by the former Chief of ARDEC’s small-arms division, William C. Davis. Horus Vision was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in San Bruno, California.

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