Sportsman’s Challenge Small Game Shoot


December 1st 2012Sportsman’s Challenge will be holding their first “Warm up for the winter” Small Game shoot at Miller Ranch in Sprague, WA.. There will be two courses, each will have 8 targets that replicate the size of a small game animal including bobcats, coyotes, crows, rock chucks and rabbits. This shoot will be a great way to get some practice shooting in the cold wearing more layers than you may be used to wearing while shooting in the summer. You will have shots at ranges from 150 yards all the way out to 800 yards as well as some opportunity to try your skill at 1,000 yards on a coyote as well as a rock chuck. The competition will be split up between youth (age 17 and below) and adult, with prizes for top shooters in each age group. For the adults you will be competing for a 50% off msrp certificate from Vortex optics, the youth prize is yet to be determined yet. Everyone who attends the shoot will be put in for a certificate from Savage arms good for 50% of msrp on one of any fire arm they have in their catalog. This should be a lot of fun both for the adults as well as the younger shooters.


you can take a look at this shoot as well as the shoots that have been put on this year at