Longrangeshooter.com future


The Longrangeshooter.com website was made and ran for multiple years by Sean. While keeping the conversations rolling and information flowing into your computer screens, he also put on a few classes and if you lived close to him you may have gotten a chance to shoot with him and share the long range shooting passion. After having some issues and a lack of time to get the forum up and running again after dealing with viruses, and different formats, Sean decided to pass on the Long range shooter on to some one who may have some of the same interests in the shooting sports.


These are some of the things that I will be trying to improve with Longrangeshooter.com

Get everything on the website moved over to a better format

Get the forum up and running with subject matter experts as moderators and lots of great topics and having one subject devoted to keeping everyone informed of shooting events around the northwest, to keep our skills honed.

Later on once things are working, we will get some good sponsors involved helping keep the site up and current with reviews and more.

Memberships, where a paid membership would get you some discounts from participating manufacturers and businesses.

Eventually I would like to try to get an online store going that would have product that we shooters look forward to seeing on a website like this one.


  • http://ewcalls.com Ernest Wilson

    When will you be starting up this site.
    I might be interested in advertizing.

  • http://longrangeshooter.com caleb

    i am not for sure when i will be getting all this stuff going, i have been quite busy at the moment and would really like to get a couple guys with the same outlook on having a forum to join me in building this. i need help with getting the website and forum built. i would like to get you advertizing on here once things are ready though.


  • Chad Williams

    I just purchased a long range firearm and I am looking to learn all I can before it comes. Looking forward to see your website up.

    I am also a sales rep for a whole sale company and we carry firearms, ammo accessories and camping gear. If you would like some products to show case and have them dropped shipped or shipped to you, please let me know.

  • Joseph B Campbell

    So I take it this is a DEAD SITE!

  • Richard Hauver

    I want to get my daughter into long rang shooting I would like to start her off with my howa model 1500 in 243 what do you goys think?