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Benchmark’s two-groove .308″ Barrel

Benchmark’s two-groove .308” barrel The History Rifle barrels with only two grooves are nothing new. As near as I can tell the Lee-Enfield was the first to employ two groove barrels (at least for high power rifle cartridges).  They apparently conducted a test in May, of 1941, where they fired 500 rounds through a five […]

Benchmark Premium Rifle Test and Review

I recently was given the opportunity to test a prototype “Benchmark Premium Rifle”. Benchmark barrels is likely to start building and selling complete rifles “ready to shoot”. Benchmark has been building and smithing rifles for their customers from the beginning, but there was no continuity in these builds and each was as individual as the […]

Ballistic Software Comparison: Nightforce Exbal vs Lex Talus Delta IV

The key to shooting long range with accuracy is knowing and compensating for ballistics. Ballistics programs allow you to input your specific load information (most importantly bullet ballistic coefficient and muzzle velocity) and atmospheric conditions and then, provide you with a predicted flight path. Any experienced long range marksman will know that these predictions are […]

Factory vs. Custom Rifles

Factory vs. Custom Rifles by Lucas Beitner   When getting involved in long range shooting, rifle selection can be difficult. There are so many different manufactures, cartridges, and configurations available. Many would like a custom built rifle, but wonder if it’s worth the extra time and cost. The answer depends mostly on your priorities, and […]

The 338’s: RUM, Lapua, & Edge

The 338’s: RUM, Lapua, and Edge by Lucas Beitner There is a great deal of interest in .338″ caliber cartridges for long range shooting. This is specifically due to high BC mass produced bullets available. While it takes a great deal of powder to push a 250gr to 300gr bullet at acceptable velocities for long […]

Savage vs. Remington

Savage vs. Remington by Lucas Beitner There are many excellent actions that one can use to build accurate long range rifles. Mauser, Winchester, Sako, Tikka, Weatherby, and many others have been used with excellent results. Action selection is a personal choice. The two that seem to be the most popular are Remington and Savage. Both […]

Benchmark Barrels

Benchmark Barrels a review by Lucas Beitner   Benchmark Barrels is a relatively new barrel maker, that has already made an impact in the shooting community. They have world records to their name (mostly in rim fire). Their barrels are as good as any, and better than most in my opinion. I highly recommend them […]

Selecting Cartridge and Caliber

Long Range Cartridge/Caliber Selection by Lucas Beitner Trying new cartridges is one of the most interesting aspects of shooting. Most every cartridge has its application or “place”. It seems many are   confused when it comes to selecting a cartridge and caliber. Questions like “what’s the best caliber?” are very common. No one likes to […]