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Mike shoots steel at 1,932 yards

New 1000 yard shooting record

April 18th, Joel Pendergraft of Durham, NC put 10 shots into 3.048″ to set a new IBS 1000-yard Heavy Gun World record. Competing at Hawks Ridge, NC, Joel set the record with his big, 300 Ackley Improved HG fitted with an unusual water-cooled 12-twist, 4-groove Krieger barrel. Joel shot BIB 187gr flat-based bullets in Norma […]

Amanda shooting steel at 600 yards for the first time

Mike shooting steel at 800 yards

This is mike first chance to shoot his new gun at 800 yards and so for looks like it is going to perform well


Here are some free targets to download that can be printed of your computer, 63 targets in all You will need WinRAR to open it which you can download here…………. Targets Here are some Sniper Data cards that most people try to charge you for that I think should be free so help your self. […]

Temperature Effects on Zero

Sgt G. Roberts For over three hundred years man has endeavored to find his target with the first shot from his rifle, whether it be man or beast, in conflict or at peacetime. This skill in the art of marksmanship is one of the most pondered and talked about subjects in the Military & Law […]

Powder Burning Rate

There are a lot of powder out there to choose from. But one thing you can use to help get you on the right track is the burning rate. There is a rule of thumb for most rifles that you can use to help you decide. Slower burning powders work good for bigger magnums and […]

New World Record Elk

Rumors have been flying this fall about a new world record elk shot down in Utah, and now, the world’s record keeper, the Boone and Crockett Club, has confirmed it. On September 30, Denny Austad of Ammon, Idaho, downed the monster bull while hunting on public land in the Fishlake National Forest in south-central Utah. […]

Gun Powder

Our mission is to provide quality propellants, other products, and services to sportsmen, governing units, and other businesses in a manner which enhances the quality of life for our stockholders, employees, customers, associates, and suppliers. In doing so, we will deal with integrity and honesty, reflecting that people are more important than dollars and that […]