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There is one word that every rifle shooter should know: BRASS. If you learn this word and what each letter in the acronym means, and then apply them to every shot, you can’t miss. BRASS stands for five words: Breath, Relax, Aim, Slack and Squeeze. Basically, used in the order presented above, you do each […]

Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets Today, Berger Bullets operates several custom built machines that monitor pressure and reject bullets that are outside of required tolerances. These machines are more consistent than a hand press operation by using presses that provide accurately, repeatable, travel and speed. When combined with the highest-grade materials available, we create a bullet that achieves […]

Sportsmans Outfit

Sportsman’s outfit Sportsman’s Outfit is a store and community serving hunters and fishermen. We have access to over 15,000 products.

Lex Talus Corporation

Lex Talus Corporation Lex Talus Corporation has designed two interrelated ballistic software products: a desktop program called the “Precision Shooter’s Workbench ©” and the “Field Firing Solutions ©”, a real-time field version designed to generate firing solutions in the field from a PDA using current atmospheric and target data. To download this software Click Here

Ballistic Software for Long Range Shooting

If long range shooting is something that you would like to do, then here is the first step. Here is some ballistic software that you will need to complete the shots you will be trying to make. This software is incredible and is provided by the Lex Talus Corporation. You will find a link to […]

What scope should I use?

Kevin Says: Sean. I plan to move from So Cal to Snowmass Village, Colorado within a year and want to take up Elk/Deer hunting when I get there. I have had my heart set on the Rem 700 Sendero SF 2 in .300RUM and figured I would choose the 150gr. Power Level 3 bullet to […]

Cold Bore shooting

Sam Says: Hey Sean, Been off work this week for Deer season and been thinking about Cold Bore and Warm Bore shooting. Is it better or more accuracy when the barrel is Cold or Warm? Sean Says: Well Sam, there is a difference but it depends a lot on the powder and the guns itself, […]

Huskemaw Scope

wildcatgirl Says: hello Hope you can help me! My husband seen a program about something called HUSKAMAW scope..i have searched the web everywhere..can you give me a site to look at it..or at least explain what i am looking for Christmas shopping .ty Sean Says: Absolutely, Huskamaw is a scope that most people think that […]

Should I use a .204 Ruger

Tim Says: Hey, I’m just getting into target shooting. my current range allows me shots up to 350 yards. my question is, is the .204 ruger a viable choice for that sort of range? I’ve heard it’s a flat trajectory fast little bullet I just don’t want to buy something too ‘wimpy’. I will not […]

What is vertical deflection

gunny Says: I was just wondering what vertical deflection is? Sean Says: In reference to Vertical Deflection Vertical Deflection is when you have a head or tail wind. A tail wind will actually raise your point of impact, while a head wind will lower it because of the angle of repose and drag factors of […]