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Update Regarding Bergers .338 Hybrids

As expected, the release of the new 300 grain .338 Hybrid bullets has made quite a splash. The purpose of this bulletin is to share some facts that have been learned about this bullet since its release. There are two major facts that I’ll elaborate on. 1) The BC of the bullet is being revised, […]

Research Offers 10 Reasons for Managing Wolves

MISSOULA, Mont.—Science-based field research, funded in part by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, is yielding solid data on why gray wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming should be managed by state wildlife agencies. Wolves have been on and off endangered species lists in recent months. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has repeatedly announced at […]

Temperature Effects on Zero

Sgt G. Roberts For over three hundred years man has endeavored to find his target with the first shot from his rifle, whether it be man or beast, in conflict or at peacetime. This skill in the art of marksmanship is one of the most pondered and talked about subjects in the Military & Law […]

Factory vs. Custom Rifles

Factory vs. Custom Rifles by Lucas Beitner   When getting involved in long range shooting, rifle selection can be difficult. There are so many different manufactures, cartridges, and configurations available. Many would like a custom built rifle, but wonder if it’s worth the extra time and cost. The answer depends mostly on your priorities, and […]

Powder Burning Rate

There are a lot of powder out there to choose from. But one thing you can use to help get you on the right track is the burning rate. There is a rule of thumb for most rifles that you can use to help you decide. Slower burning powders work good for bigger magnums and […]

New World Record Elk

Rumors have been flying this fall about a new world record elk shot down in Utah, and now, the world’s record keeper, the Boone and Crockett Club, has confirmed it. On September 30, Denny Austad of Ammon, Idaho, downed the monster bull while hunting on public land in the Fishlake National Forest in south-central Utah. […]

The 338’s: RUM, Lapua, & Edge

The 338’s: RUM, Lapua, and Edge by Lucas Beitner There is a great deal of interest in .338″ caliber cartridges for long range shooting. This is specifically due to high BC mass produced bullets available. While it takes a great deal of powder to push a 250gr to 300gr bullet at acceptable velocities for long […]


There is one word that every rifle shooter should know: BRASS. If you learn this word and what each letter in the acronym means, and then apply them to every shot, you can’t miss. BRASS stands for five words: Breath, Relax, Aim, Slack and Squeeze. Basically, used in the order presented above, you do each […]

Savage vs. Remington

Savage vs. Remington by Lucas Beitner There are many excellent actions that one can use to build accurate long range rifles. Mauser, Winchester, Sako, Tikka, Weatherby, and many others have been used with excellent results. Action selection is a personal choice. The two that seem to be the most popular are Remington and Savage. Both […]

Selecting Cartridge and Caliber

Long Range Cartridge/Caliber Selection by Lucas Beitner Trying new cartridges is one of the most interesting aspects of shooting. Most every cartridge has its application or “place”. It seems many are   confused when it comes to selecting a cartridge and caliber. Questions like “what’s the best caliber?” are very common. No one likes to […]