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How to Adjust a Remington 700 trigger

If you buy a new Remington the trigger is very stiff and hard to pull. For some hunting purposes, that is fine. But when you shoot at a target at 1,500yds., you feel like the shot will never go off. I did some research and found this site that goes over adjusting your trigger. I […]

What is Minute of Angle

A MOA unit is commonly found in the firearms industry and literature, particularly concerning the accuracy of rifles. The industry tends to refer to it as minute of angle rather than minute of arc. It is popular because 1 MOA subtends approximately one inch at 100 yards, a traditional distance on target ranges. A shooter […]

The bullet for long range shooting

For ultra long range precision target shooting with high-powered rifles and military sniping, radically designed very-low-drag (VLD) bullets are available that are generally produced out of rods of mono-metal alloys on CNC controlled lathes. The driving force behind these projectiles is the wish to enhance the practical maximum effective range beyond normal standards. To achieve […]