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Savage Arms cutting edge sniper weapon system.

When the Philippine needed a sniper rifle to confront their local Al-Qaeda affiliates, they bypassed the expensive European arms and selected a bolt gun familiar to any American deer hunter. The modern Savage bolt-action series, always among the most reasonably priced of this type, has most recently become highly regarded among long-range high power competitors […]

Benchmark Premium Rifle Test and Review

I recently was given the opportunity to test a prototype “Benchmark Premium Rifle”. Benchmark barrels is likely to start building and selling complete rifles “ready to shoot”. Benchmark has been building and smithing rifles for their customers from the beginning, but there was no continuity in these builds and each was as individual as the […]

Ballistic Software Comparison: Nightforce Exbal vs Lex Talus Delta IV

The key to shooting long range with accuracy is knowing and compensating for ballistics. Ballistics programs allow you to input your specific load information (most importantly bullet ballistic coefficient and muzzle velocity) and atmospheric conditions and then, provide you with a predicted flight path. Any experienced long range marksman will know that these predictions are […]


A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Dan Weaver of B.O.S.S. Accuracy in which we had a discussion about scopes and there calibration. He mentioned that he had made some targets that would give you some very valuable information about your scope vs what the manufacturer tells you about it. So he was […]

Benchmark Barrels

Benchmark Barrels a review by Lucas Beitner   Benchmark Barrels is a relatively new barrel maker, that has already made an impact in the shooting community. They have world records to their name (mostly in rim fire). Their barrels are as good as any, and better than most in my opinion. I highly recommend them […]

Millett LRS-1

Once again Millett has come out with a new scope. The LRS-1 is the result of trying to get more from the TRS-1 that came out in 2007. I had the TRS-1 for some time and will tell you that it is a good scope, but for the range that I was trying to shoot, […]

Field Firing Solutions Version 4.0 Delta III

Leave it to Lex Talus Corporation to out do them selfs again. Soon version 4.0 will be available to download with all the best from version 3.3 and some nice new features to make things faster and easer for a shooting solution. One of the new features is a Rifle profile. This Rifle profile allows […]

Field Firing Solutions

When I first started to shoot long distance years ago, I started with the Sierra I-5 ballistic software. I first thought that it would be the answer to my prayers. It had everything I needed and it would account for all the atmospheric conditions that I would encounter while shooting. But when I pulled the […]