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There is one word that every rifle shooter should know: BRASS. If you learn this word and what each letter in the acronym means, and then apply them to every shot, you can’t miss. BRASS stands for five words: Breath, Relax, Aim, Slack and Squeeze. Basically, used in the order presented above, you do each […]

Selecting Cartridge and Caliber

Long Range Cartridge/Caliber Selection by Lucas Beitner Trying new cartridges is one of the most interesting aspects of shooting. Most every cartridge has its application or “place”. It seems many are   confused when it comes to selecting a cartridge and caliber. Questions like “what’s the best caliber?” are very common. No one likes to […]

Great web sites for accessories

I was surfing and found a couple of sites worth sharing.  They were MidwayUSA.com  and BoydsGunStocks.com.    I located a really nice Thumbhole Sporter laminated Pepperwood stock for my old Mauser actioned 8mm/06. Finished it myself and it really looks nice.   The stock was 98% finished and only $86.00 to my door. eBay and […]

Reloading Tips

Whether you have reloaded in the past or not or is something that you would like to do, it is important to do things as consistantly as possible. When you do things consistantly, accuracy is almost automatically the result. Now I have seen and heard of many people, that when putting in their powder, they […]

How to drop your game in one shot

One thing about long range shooting as it relates to hunting, is when you shoot the animal that you are after you want it to go down, like “DRT”, Dead Right There. If you place your shot behind the shoulder you will kill the animal, but it will probably not go down right away. Now, […]

Mil-Dots for a quicker shot

If you are a long range hunter, you know that you don’t always have time to dial your scope for the shot. So here is a trick that can help as a quick reverence in using mil-dot hold over. One mil-dot equals 3.6 MOA, so it is really easy to figure out your drop and […]

Trigger control

If you are having a little trouble with your trigger control, I have an easy trick to help you. First off, you need a snap cap so you don’t break your firing pin. You can use a spent shell casing, BUT ONLY ONCE OR TWICE. I would really not recommend it, use a snap cap. […]

Estimating Windage

Ok let’s talk about estimating windage as this always seems to come up! In a perfect world the wind speed at shooters location, mid range and finally at the target would come from the same direction with the same speed. However, anyone that has ever talked to HP customer service knows that we are far […]

Scope Isn’t Always 1/4 MOA

Do you know what its like to put the cross hairs where they’re supposed to be and not have the bullet go there? I do and man it’s extremely frustrating. I was using Sierra I-5 ballistic software some time ago and time and time again I checked to make sure everything was right. I was […]