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Longrangeshooter.com future

  The Longrangeshooter.com website was made and ran for multiple years by Sean. While keeping the conversations rolling and information flowing into your computer screens, he also put on a few classes and if you lived close to him you may have gotten a chance to shoot with him and share the long range shooting […]

Benchmark’s two-groove .308″ Barrel

Benchmark’s two-groove .308” barrel The History Rifle barrels with only two grooves are nothing new. As near as I can tell the Lee-Enfield was the first to employ two groove barrels (at least for high power rifle cartridges).  They apparently conducted a test in May, of 1941, where they fired 500 rounds through a five […]

Target Cam

So, have you ever wondered why long range shooters like to shoot at steel so much? Yes there is something enticing about seeing your target react to your bullet, but there is a greater underlining reason. With steel, you have a way of telling that you have in fact hit the target.  Now I know […]


Everyone that has used ballistic software in the past knows the steps that need to be taken in making that first round hit.  You get your range finder out your Kestrel your PDA probably your note book so you can make that shot right the first time.  Then one day someone puts it all together […]

Berger Bullets NEW 338 300gr Hybrid

I have been waiting a long time for Berger to release this bullet and it is now possible to purchase. I am not spending a lot of time on this post but I wanted to get it out there for everyone to see.

Interview with Carlos Hathcock “White Feather”

This is a video that I came across of a Interview of Carlos Hathcock. He was a sniper in the Vietnam War and later help setup the sniper schools that we use today. He has won numerous competitions including the Wimbledon cup and held the longest recorded kill in 1967 of 2,286 meters (2,500 yards, […]

Savage Arms cutting edge sniper weapon system.

When the Philippine needed a sniper rifle to confront their local Al-Qaeda affiliates, they bypassed the expensive European arms and selected a bolt gun familiar to any American deer hunter. The modern Savage bolt-action series, always among the most reasonably priced of this type, has most recently become highly regarded among long-range high power competitors […]

Benchmark Premium Rifle Test and Review

I recently was given the opportunity to test a prototype “Benchmark Premium Rifle”. Benchmark barrels is likely to start building and selling complete rifles “ready to shoot”. Benchmark has been building and smithing rifles for their customers from the beginning, but there was no continuity in these builds and each was as individual as the […]

Ballistic Software Comparison: Nightforce Exbal vs Lex Talus Delta IV

The key to shooting long range with accuracy is knowing and compensating for ballistics. Ballistics programs allow you to input your specific load information (most importantly bullet ballistic coefficient and muzzle velocity) and atmospheric conditions and then, provide you with a predicted flight path. Any experienced long range marksman will know that these predictions are […]

Factory vs. Custom Rifles

Factory vs. Custom Rifles by Lucas Beitner   When getting involved in long range shooting, rifle selection can be difficult. There are so many different manufactures, cartridges, and configurations available. Many would like a custom built rifle, but wonder if it’s worth the extra time and cost. The answer depends mostly on your priorities, and […]