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Gun Powder

Our mission is to provide quality propellants, other products, and services to sportsmen, governing units, and other businesses in a manner which enhances the quality of life for our stockholders, employees, customers, associates, and suppliers. In doing so, we will deal with integrity and honesty, reflecting that people are more important than dollars and that […]

The 338’s: RUM, Lapua, & Edge

The 338’s: RUM, Lapua, and Edge by Lucas Beitner There is a great deal of interest in .338″ caliber cartridges for long range shooting. This is specifically due to high BC mass produced bullets available. While it takes a great deal of powder to push a 250gr to 300gr bullet at acceptable velocities for long […]

Savage vs. Remington

Savage vs. Remington by Lucas Beitner There are many excellent actions that one can use to build accurate long range rifles. Mauser, Winchester, Sako, Tikka, Weatherby, and many others have been used with excellent results. Action selection is a personal choice. The two that seem to be the most popular are Remington and Savage. Both […]

Berger Bullets

Berger Bullets Today, Berger Bullets operates several custom built machines that monitor pressure and reject bullets that are outside of required tolerances. These machines are more consistent than a hand press operation by using presses that provide accurately, repeatable, travel and speed. When combined with the highest-grade materials available, we create a bullet that achieves […]

Sportsmans Outfit

Sportsman’s outfit Sportsman’s Outfit is a store and community serving hunters and fishermen. We have access to over 15,000 products.

Lex Talus Corporation

Lex Talus Corporation Lex Talus Corporation has designed two interrelated ballistic software products: a desktop program called the “Precision Shooter’s Workbench ©” and the “Field Firing Solutions ©”, a real-time field version designed to generate firing solutions in the field from a PDA using current atmospheric and target data. To download this software Click Here