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How to use Minute of Angle “MOA” for Long Range Shooting

How to use your scope

Shooting 600 yards from a sitting position

Mike shoots steel at 1,932 yards

Amanda shooting steel at 600 yards for the first time

Mike shooting steel at 800 yards

This is mike first chance to shoot his new gun at 800 yards and so for looks like it is going to perform well

Steel I tried to shoot at 1,900 yards

This is a 36×24 inch piece of steel that I “tried” to shoot at 1,900 yards. The conditions were good, with about a 10-12 MPH wind from my back.

A balloon shot at 1,320 yards

This is a red balloon that I shot at 1,320 yards. The big red you see is a stop sign, the balloon is on top of it. The conditions were good with about a 7-8 MPH cross wind from my left.

Steel plate at 1,240 yards

This is a 12×10 inch Steel plate that I shot at 1,240 yards. The conditions were rainy, with about a 7 MPH cross wind from my right.